Land of the Bible

A weekly one-hour course (in 6 sessions) that seeks to bring Bible stories alive by linking what happened to the places or wider geography. Lots of videos and pictures so we see as well as hear what matters.

Session one: Introduction: The Big Picture

This week we discuss two vital elements for human life and civilization, water and routes.

The WeekOneNotes are here, the first two videos below provide a quick summary of some central ideas. We’ll be thinking also of the big picture of the Old Testament story, Abraham, Moses and David and the kings (ending in Exile).


Session two: Canaan: Rain makes regions

Focuses on the promised land and how regular patterns of weather and terrain create regions where life is different. For each of these regions we’ll consider Bible stories that reflect the impact of these factors.

Here are the Session Two Notes. There are four videos this week (the first four to play here).

Session three: The Wadi Qelt: the road from Jerusalem to Jericho

Finally we start to “visit” particular places.We’ll visit the Wadi Qelt, and learn more about a favorite psalm.

This week’s notes are here. WeekThreeNotes this week we will be looking at Psalm 23:1-4; Luke 10:25ff. (The Good Samaritan) and the significance of the Valley of Achor in Joshua 7:24-26 and the new meaning it gets in Hos 2:15; Is 65:10.

The full videos of flash floods in the wadis of the Judean Desert by: Guy Shachar and Eyal Bartov are essential viewing for anyone interested in reading Psalm 23 in context.

Here is the video summary:


Session four: Jezreel Valley

This week as we visit the Jezreel Valley we’ll focus on the stories of Elijah and king Ahab 1 Kgs 21, with themes of prophets and oppression.

Here are the Week four notes and the video. We also looked at the 360 views particularly of the gate complex on the magnificent site of the “Virtual World Project“, this site is well worth a visit.

The Bible passages we’ll focus on are:

  • 1 Kgs 21
  • Ex 22:25
  • Judges 21:25
  • 1 Sam 8:11-18
  • Hosea 3:4-5 & 7


Session five: Arad and Lakish

A visit to two cities that protected Judah from the south (one large the other little more than a fortress in Bible times). They will lead us to the end of the books of kings and into Jeremiah. Reform and defeat, end of an dream.
Week Five Notes

Session six: Jerusalem

Finally reaching the “holy city” we’ll think again about David and Psalms and new hope. This session will begin to point towards the New Testament.

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