Bouncing Back: Turning Disasters Into Opportunities

Bouncing Back: Turning Disasters Into Opportunities

4 November 2018

6:00-7:00pm (come early for refreshments)

Screening the award-winning short film Dancing Outside the Box. The film features Ray Leight, whose near-fatal motorcycle accident left him permanently in a wheelchair.

You’re 20 years old and think you’ve got your whole life ahead of you. The next thing you know, tubes are sticking out of you, and doctors are telling you they know how you feel. Let me take a baseball bat to you—then you’ll know how I feel,” Leight said.

Leight’s months of depression turned toward hope when a friend invited him to attend a ballroom dancing class.

Participants in the Lifetree program will explore how to overcome the challenges in their lives by applying the principles Leight has learned.

Admission to the 60-minute event is free