Lifetree Café

Lifetree Café
Conversations that matter

Lifetree Café tackles the topics that most people deal with—topics about the big (and little) stuff that shapes lives. Family. Friends. Fears. Busyness.

Meets every week from 6pm to 7am at the church. Come early to get some refreshments before we start (the timing of the program is very strictly 60 mins)

In August:

Family Secrets (5 August 6pm)

10 minutes to live (12 August 6pm)

Out of anger (19 August 6pm)

Unburdened (26 August 6pm)

Is guilt from the past controlling your future? Learn what it takes to finally heal during “Unburdened”  at Lifetree Café.

In September

September 2– Living A Rich Life

After growing up in poverty, she was determined to accumulate wealth. But now, money means nothing to her. Find out what changed during “Living a Rich Life” at Lifetree Café.

LTC Trailer.Living a Rich Life from Lifetree on Vimeo.

September 9– The Art of Listening

Everyone has a story. Are you willing to listen to them? Get some ideas for how to best engage with others during “The Art of Listening” at Lifetree Café.

LTC Trailer.The Art of Listening from Lifetree on Vimeo.

September 16– Miracles or Mere Coincidences

When something incredible happens, would you say it’s a miracle? Or is it just a coincidence? Share your thoughts during “Miracles or Mere Coincidences?” at Lifetree Café.

LTC Trailer.Miracles or Mere Coincidences from Lifetree on Vimeo.

September 23– When Anxiety Strikes

Dealing with anxiety? You’re not alone. See how one woman conquered crippling anxiety during “When Anxiety Strikes” at Lifetree Café.

LTC Trailer.When Anxiety Strikes from Lifetree on Vimeo.

September 30– A Family Divided

An unexpected teenage pregnancy threatened to tear this family apart. See how the family coped during “A Family Divided” at Lifetree Café.

LTC Trailer.A Family Divided from Lifetree on Vimeo.