We support several missionaries and mission groups both local and overseas.Our mission purpose is found in: Matthew 28:18-20. Matthew 25: 34-40. Luke 24:45-47.Believing that God’s heart for mission is shown clearly throughout the Bible, South City Baptist Church is committed to a missions focus that will carry the Gospel message to the world – locally, nationally and internationally.Directed by God, the missions team seeks to activate and support missions through the church fellowship.We also support other missions organisations as needs arise.

Locally we support:
Cool BananasThis is a team that works with primary schools to present the gospel and promote positive values in children’s lives in a fun way.

Homes of Hope

This organisation provides safe homes for children who have been abused or are in unsatisfactory home situations.
works with teenagers who have been expelled from mainstream schools and/or been removed from their homes. A home is provided with supervising house parents, and a schoolroom where the students are supported in their studies. Counseling is available and the students work toward returning to families, if it is appropriate, and returning to school.
Overseas work includes:
We support a couple who are church planting in Thailand.
Bethany CMCT
Work with women and children in Chennai, India.
We support the local representatives, Trevor and Shirley Parkinson

Trevor and Shirley Parkinson visiting Chennai 2013

Trevor and Shirley Parkinson visiting Chennai 2013

Dips’n Trust
Work with disabled, rejected people in India and the Pacific Islands.
We support one of their workers in Kona, Hawaii at the University of All Nations, YWAM headquarters working on a new method of accessing Bible references.
 Baldock., Nathaniel 2010

Ian and Mairi are based in South Asia working through tranzsend with Freeset establishing the business and administration side of this production work that releases women from prostitution and slavery and gives them an income.

Pat is finishing work with tranzsend in July. She has been partnering with Global Hope Network International in Central Asia.
Ian and Mairi 2013sm Pat


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